Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I first got the scarf from Maria, I was in awe of the brilliant and shimmering colors woven together. I must admit, this was not a scarf I would typically buy off a rack. I have a lot of scarves, mostly solid colors and definitely none that sparkle or shimmer. My first thoughts were similar to Erykah Badu’s song Bag Lady. I probably have too many scarves, too much stuff, and carry too much. Giving some of it away would be a good idea, especially during this Lenten season. Having this very special fabric with me was inspirational and reminded me of our great interconnectedness. This scarf really struck me. I was honored to wear it for four days due to an extended weekend. I wore the scarf in the presence of the most supportive and challenging women and men in my life. I found joy in bringing the scarf, this experience, into my time with them. The scarf made it to several meetings, socials with friends, Mass with my family, prayer with a local Marianist community, the market for groceries, and many other places. It even joined me at the dog park! I also wrapped the scarf around a colleague who was not able to sign up, to allow her to walk with the experience for a short time. With joy, I met Kristen to give her the scarf and continue its journey into her life. In my delay to write, I realize that we all carry too much. I have probably written on this blog over 30 times in my head, but not officially until today. I have often thought of those who beautifully wore the scarf before me and those who gracefully wore it after my turn, as well. I held the scarf in prayer while I was blessed to wear it, thinking of all the women touched by the scarf. Sisters, I have kept you all in my heart ever since. Thank you for being the shimmer in our community, interwoven into our daily lives and enlivening our broader vision. I found this prayer about valiant women and thought it might speak to you…


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