Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before I was scheduled to wear the scarf, I read with wonder many of my sisters' posts which talked about all of the comments they got from others who noticed the scarf and their ensuing discussions explaining the scarf's origins and purpose. I was eagerly anticipating such opportunities to tell others about the journey of the scarf and my sisters on campus who had been - and would be - wearing it. But when my turn finally came, not one person commented on the scarf. No one. Nada. Zip.

Instead of being disappointed, I found myself feeling a secret glee at being quietly connected to my sisters... a secret I had that no one else knew. I felt power from being connected to my sisters and their stories through this piece of fabric.

In reflecting on that feeling of connectedness that a simple piece of fabric brought for the day, I am reminded of the many relationships with strong, caring, and extraordinary women that have sustained me in my life. Whether they are relationships of past or present, I feel secret glee that I am quietly connected to those sisters of mine.

For me, the scarf represents that powerful reminder, and I am humbled and appreciative for all of the sisters who have come into my life; some of whom are enhancing my life presently, some of whom have impacted me in a past stage of life, and some of whom I don't even know -but am connected to - through the scarf.

Denise Platfoot Lacey

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