Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This experience was empowering. I felt a connection with the women who had worn the scarf and one with those who will wear it in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed personally meeting two wonderful women. One has been an inspiration to me over theyears by leading and connecting women on campus and making sure they have the support and voice they need. The other is an amazing young woman who is full of life and joy and has such a bright future ahead of her. I know she will savor and enjoy every minute of it. I wrote the following as tribute to all women.

  • I am one, alone.

  • I talked to a woman and shared stories about my life.

  • She listened.

  • The woman shared stories about her life.

  • I listened.

  • We connected.

  • She and I talked with other women.

  • They listened.

  • They shared their stories and we listened.

  • Now we are all connected as one.

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