Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abundant Blessings: The Adventures of Kristina and Traveling Scarf #1

My dear sisters,

This experience was exactly what I hoped it would be: The chance to meet two wonderful women in person, read the dynamic stories of many other empowering women, and come to realize some of the many blessings in life during my time with the scarf.

I received the scarf from Bridget on Monday afternoon, and we had a meaningful hour long chat in the Blend, conversing about our lives and making connections through our mutual involvement in Campus Ministry. Bridget it was such a joy to talk to you and get to know you - when I make my way to Campus South I will be sure to visit your office!

It was a day filled with sunshine on Monday, and the shiny gold of the scarf reflected the light of the sun in the most beautiful way (see the image above!). As I went to my saxophone quartet rehearsal Monday evening I received many compliments on the scarf and told its story. I even ran into one of my fellow sisters in the sisterhood who recognized the scarf immediately!

Tuesday was my full day with the scarf, and even though it was gray and cloudy outside I was beaming with my beautiful scarf that smelled of the natural musks of the women before me. I went to my biology lab and instead of doing the normal lab we watched a Planet Earth video called "Saving Our Species," a video about the human impact on the world's ecosystems. Even though I am an English and Spanish major this video fascinated me exceedingly because I had no idea that half of our world's ecosystems are gone. There are only 30 snow leopards left in the world and over a third of the world's frogs are severely threatened - all because of humans! I hugged the scarf as I thought through these staggering statistics and decided that I wanted to tell all of you about this. As a woman of great faith I believe that we are all the stewards of God's creation, and we should not only take care of ourselves, but also take care of the environment around us. We are so blessed with the beauty of a nature that sustains us all!

I came back to my room and as I sat at my desk to check my e-mail I looked over to my left at a photo of my aunt and myself two summers ago (see the picture top left). Sisters, I want to tell you a little bit about my Auntie Lynn, the embodiment of love and benevolence. She was my aunt, godmother, and confirmation sponser and throughout my life she has inspired my positive outlook on life and my philosophy that we need to spread love to others, even to those we don't know. She passed away last August of cancer, but her love still lives in me, and I hope that I can bestow this love, happiness, and positive grace upon others that I have the privelage to meet. I urge all of you to spread the love in your own unique way, whether it be by doing service, writing letters, or just smiling at a stranger you pass on the way to class or work. One of my favorite quotes says it all: "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around" - Leo Buscaglia.

I passed the scarf along to Joan, and what a privelage it was to meet her! We met in the Galley for coffee and it was a true pleasure to chat with her about our families and our lives. Joan I hope to see you around campus after this experience!

So sorry for the long blog post - it is the writer in me! The words just keep coming and coming! May God bless all of you dear women!

With love,

Kristina DeMichele

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