Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Hey, look at me! I'm wearing a scarf!"

Hello, fellow scarf-wearers! I got my scarf from somebody who is a VIP on campus. . .she even has an award named after her! She is over in the Rector's office (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to write names on here or not, so I will just leave it off). I was a little nervous getting the scarf because she is "kind of a big deal" around campus, but was so fun and approachable. I took a picture with her when I first got the scarf. We talked about some things I was doing on campus, like the commuter student organization that I started and she knew of a commuter that might like to join. What a coincidence! Yay for networking :)

The first thing I noticed about it was how shiny it is. It's really sparkly! I usually don't wear something like that. It's also long and luxurious, which I thought wouldn't work on my tiny, short frame but I was wrong. The scarf reminded me to try new things, even things that I don't think would work. I just started wearing scarves in general this year, since I bought some in Guatemala when I went but those scarves were smaller and somewhat less conspicuous than the Travelling Scarf. Still, women should wear something flashy every once in a while (or even every day, honestly. We've all got a fabulous side!).

I felt different wearing it; like people were looking at me and my colorful, eye-catching scarf. Some people were looking at me and told me how awesome it was. I said that this was the Traveling Scarf--they had no idea what that meant, but still liked it. A few people knew what it was, though and commented on how great of a program it is.

It's nice to think that there's something that ties us all together. I am not sure who has worn this scarf before I did. When you think about it, every person and every scarf/article of clothing/whatever has a story. All people are tied together in our shared history and experiences. This scarf is yet another way that we can all remember that as women, we are united. As people, we need to think of each other as fellow "scarf-wearers" in life. We have many things in common other than one singular article of clothing. How can we in our lives show our appreciation for those commonalities in each other?


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