Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Scarf's Journey

The delay in this post is due to an absolutely full schedule.  Unfortunately, my exchange of the scarf was simply an exchange of the scarf.  Denise had to give me the scarf while she was on break during conference sessions.  We simply said, “Hello and thank you.”  I missed the chance to get to know Denise but was blessed at the time of the exchange to find a familiar colleague who is responsible for the care of her elderly mother. Our conversation was heartfelt and insightful as I care for my mother as well.  Our moms have lived with us for a number of years and they both have dementia.  Each of us struggles to meet the needs of our moms, our husbands, and our children.  In addition the demands of our jobs take so much of our time that there is very little time for us.  Dementia is such a horrible disease.  Seeing our moms fade away is incredibly painful.  We are grieving at the loss of the person our moms once were.  Although this friend did not participate in the sisterhood activities, knowing she understands my frustrations, loss, and grief brought home the purposes and messages of our sisterhood.
I wore the scarf around my waist some of the time and sometimes around my neck.  I actually wear scarves quite often and it may be the reason no one asked me about it.  This scarf is larger and more beautiful than any of my own scarves.  I was often tempted to share the story of the sisterhood with my almost exclusive all female office but resisted.  There was something special about keeping the support of the sisterhood a secret for the day.  The scarf really does provide a means to feel warm and comforted knowing other women share in this journey.
Several days after passing along the scarf to Jasmine, I attended a meeting where the scarf appeared again on Maria, my good friend and colleague.  It was fun to share the meaning of the scarf with Maria.  Seeing how lovely she looked draped in the rich colors brought the collective journey back to me again.
Thanks sisters…peace to you on this day.

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