Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prayers and Frustrations

I first was to get the scarf from Laurie Malone but found out that, unfortunately, she had to drop out of the program to tend to her own medical care; she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I asked her permision to share this with the sisterhood and ask everyone to keep her in their prayers. She says that the more people who think, pray and care, the better. I agree. When Daria found out about Laurie's new challenge, she offered her the original scarf from the pilot project, which, appropriately, is pink. I have not yet met my new sister, but am thankful to be able to support her.
So, when I found out Laurie would not be on campus, I asked the person on the list before her, Rebecca, about meeting to exchange the scarf. I think my life it just too busy, as we struggled to find a time that she could be on campus when I didn't have a meeting. Then we found out that Rebecca had not been able to get the scarf; it was lost! We wanted to meet anyway and finally found time before the work day; we decided to meet for breakfast. Unfortunately, she got sick and so we did not get to meet either.
So...I'm a little disappointed not to have had the opportunity to meet these women, though happy to have had a chance to try! And please, everyone, keep Laurie in your prayers.

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