Thursday, March 17, 2011

Better late than never!

Better late than never!  Right?  I’m an “on-time” person and submitting this blog so long after I had my time with the scarf is not like me.  I think technology got me...I could figure out how to create a whole new blog, but I couldn’t seem to add to our blog! Grrr
I went to The Hangar and met Megan, a freshman, to receive the scarf.  Megan isn’t someone I would have met now had it not been for the scarf sisterhood connection.  We spent a few minutes talking and learning a little about each other and why we wanted to be part of the journey of the scarf.
I feel like the scarf was my partner during it’s time with me.  It got to ride in UD’s blue Cavalier that I use while working in the student neighborhood.  It was windy on Friday and I took some pictures of the scarf blowing in the wind.  Somehow that seems symbolic.  Our lives float along on the wind carried along faster than we realize.  On Monday, the weather had changed again and it was cold, so the scarf kept me warm as I visited houses in the student neighborhood.
It was meaningful to know that the scarf had been with other women and was moving on to more women.  We are connected. 
My hand-off to Charity was quick, but we made time for a good photo-op!  I saw Charity the next day at a book discussion (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) and it was cool to be able to say... “Hey, I know you!  We are part of “the sisterhood.”  I love the immediate connection that the scarf generates in us.
I hope everyone else has a great time on this adventure as the scarf floats along through our lives.

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  1. I was touched by the scarf before I even received it. I spent an inordinate amount of time in my closet on Friday morning, trying to remember what the scarf looked like so my clothes wouldn't clash on a particularly busy work day. I was halfway to work when I realized that my "basically beige" ensemble wouldn't allow the scarf to really shine....I should have let it clash "loud and proud" so others would have noticed it more. Oh, well, by the time I'd figured that out, it was too late....

    When I got to work, I stopped by Pat's office to get the scarf. I already knew Pat, so we didn't bother with much conversation, although seeing her did remind me of a question I wanted to ask her (so it did save me a phone call or e-mail later). As I was walking to my first meeting after getting the scarf from Pat, it occurred to me that had I not known the person I was getting the scarf from, I likely would have set aside more time for the exchange, so I would have gotten to know my "scarf sister" a bit. Then again, perhaps I should have done that with Pat too. Missed opportunity #2 (and in a very short timeperiod).

    So now it is Sunday evening and, it's been a busy weekend. I'll admit I didn't spend much time with the scarf this weekend, once I'd left work. I probably walked past it at least 100 times throughout the weekend as it lay on the hallway table, (letting the dog in and out at least 30 times (she's quite an old gal!), bringing dirty laundry downstairs to wash and clean laundry back up to put away, etc. I kept it visible throughout the weekend so I wouldn't forget to post this entry and take it to work with me tomorrow morning. Maybe this evening, as it cools down, I'll throw it around my shoulders so my "sisters" can help keep me warm.

    Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to hand off my scarf, again to someone I know. To avoid a third "missed opportunity", I'll take a few minutes with Peg. I know her a bit, but I could know her better, and the scarf can help me learn. It's already done some of that work.....helping me see "missed opportunities" so I don't repeat them.