Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank You

I didn't imagine that the scarf would be so beautiful with deep purples, teals, and greens. I received the scarf on Thursday, knowing that it was just what I needed. The day that I was scheduled to wear the scarf was the final day of student teaching in my kindergarten classroom, before I would transition to a first grade classroom in another part of the school building. I was devastated to leave, knowing that I would no longer greet the children and teacher I had grown to love on a daily basis. But I thought that there couldn't be a more perfect day to wear the scarf.

I arrived at school and received compliments from the secretaries and several teachers on my team. I was delighted to tell them the story of the sisterhood and the sense of community at UD. One of my kindergarten students even told me that she liked my outfit, a compliment that left me grinning from ear to ear. I spent the day celebrating with the children and reflecting on how much they taught me over the past two months. As I waved goodbye to the buses at the end of the day, it took all that I had to not begin crying, and of course, the scarf.

It seems silly to place so much hope in an article of clothing, but I realize that it's not the scarf that carried me through the day. It was the support of women around campus that I have never met. Knowing that I was taking part in something bigger, something intentional, left me feeling fulfilled on a day when I thought I would fall apart.

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