Monday, February 21, 2011

Day of Joy :)

I like to think of my day with the scarf as a day of joy. I recieved the scarf from Ms. Patty on the 15th. I always love talking with Ms.Patty! We talked about my future plans as a student here at UD. She also forwarded me an awesome e-mail about summer employment that offers free hosuing. We talked breifly about my boyfriend and she gave me some advice. She told me that she had a good Valentines day! Thats always exciting!

I wore the scraf on the 16th. Alot of my friends touched it and told me it was pretty. I took that time to tell them about the program and my sisters! They were excited and wished they had heard about it so they could participate. Over all my day was very interesting. I had my first meeting with my new academic advisor. She is a very meek lady named Dr.Zois. She is also a clinical psychology major! Awesome! She was quite over whelmed with my plans. I guess she had never come across a student with such a strick plan to follow in determination to reach my goals. I kept bouncing ideas and time frames off of her. I'm sure I left her with a lot of homework to do! The over all meeting was very helpful! She even introduced me to some of the grad schools, Masters, and Ph.D programs that would be good for me to look into.

My last adventure with the scarf took me to the librabry on the 17th. There I passed the scraf to Mrs.Webb. I must admit I was quiet intimidated when I arrived at her office and seen the Dean sign out front. When I walked in the ladies were very friendly. The secretary asked me did I have an appointment to see Mrs.Webb. I said no and she said what can I help you with? I didn't know what to do so I pulled out the scarf and laid it on the counter. She immediately went to go get Mrs. Webb! That was awesome!!! I did not get to talk to Mrs.Webb for that long but we did learn a bit about each other. She told me she was nervous about writing her blog. I told her not to be, to just write about her day. She asked me about my major and campus involvement. Later, she sent me a wonderful e-mail telling a little more about herself. I can understand that she is a busy lady. I enjoyed reading it and I am excited that she thought enough about me to send it! I sent her an e-mail back introducing myself a little better too.

We share some of the same feelings about being the "only" person in the room. For her, it was being a female in such a high position. For me, it is being a young and multi cultural. I am 17 yrs old and I am mixed with African American, German, Indian,Cuban and a few other things! Maybe there are more of you that share the same feelings. I want every one of my sisters to be encouraged! I want you all to know that it is ok to be the "only" anything in the room. You are setting the path for the people following in your foot steps. You are a positive role model and example! More power to you! I appreciate and support you! :)


  1. I was very encouraged by reading your post. I can relate to feeling like the "only" of a group represented in a room. As a person of a multi-ethnic background it is often difficult to share this experience with others and have them understand. I want to encourage you to continue being bold and making connections with new people! If you ever want to talk or anything, feel free to contact me.
    In Sisterhood,

  2. Wow. That scarf is powerful! I loved how, at a loss for words, you just put the scarf on the desk and let it "speak" for you. It got results: it got you a few minutes with a woman in a powerful position here at UD, but a woman interested and open in connecting with other women of all ages and backgrounds. Three cheers for her and you and all of us! Thanks for sharing.