Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scarf #4's first adventures...

I was hoping someone else would write before me. Even though this program is supposed to connect women and probably in some sense supposed to empower us, I still feel pressure to construct eloquent phrases that pinpoint certain areas of women’s issues and name solutions. So, I assure you this post will do none of that. Now that I’ve released myself from that pressure, I’ll let you know how the scarf and I spent our day.

I picked up the scarf from Brandy and before I even got the chance to wear it, I think the scarf accomplished its purpose. In between the hustle and bustle of our days, in which Brandy’s and I’s path probably never would’ve crossed, we managed to find a few minutes to talk over coffee. We connected over our experiences at UD and I was able to share my experiences in the Masters of Theological studies program, of which she is interested in. Being able to share these experiences outside of my normal classroom and ministry settings was refreshing and invigorating. Before concluding our time together, we talked about the scarf and how we heard about the program. I admitted to Brandy I was already fretting over how to wear the scarf, nervous about upholding this great program and wanting to look somewhat fashionable.

The scarf accompanied me through a long Wednesday and surprisingly made it through without any marks of paint, pen, or random food stain as proof! The scarf took its first tour of campus ministry and sat in on a meeting with some retreat co-directors, in which we talked about the value of servant leadership. We brainstormed conversations and ways to carry out servant leadership through our larger retreat team experience. Our next meeting lead us into more wonderful conversations with students. Conversations about family life, complex issues with friendships, and how to follow one’s vocation all came up amidst topics of the weather, crazy YouTube videos and many bursts of laughter.

Later on, the scarf made an appearance in a graduate school, in the middle of conversations about the holiness of scripture and ecumenism and the Catholic Church. A late dinner and wonderful conversation about deep personal insights and spiritual growth ended my day with the scarf. Although nothing particularly magical happened, this day was certainly a glimpse into my life and reminded me of how much I love where I am at right now. I enjoy encountering students on a deep and personal level, at the same time being able to relate to them in fun ways too. I love working in campus ministry, an environment that challenges me and encourages me to grow both professionally and personally, while giving me the tools and encouragement I need to do so. I enjoy my time as a student, however stressful it may be, because I hope to be a bridge for these theological discussions to enter into my students' daily lives.

And throughout the day, I told people about the scarf as I twirled and twisted it around my neck. I felt as if I was representing something that was larger than myself. And despite fears of letting the program down if I didn’t tie it pretty enough or if I didn’t have some life-changing experience while wearing it, I was excited and proud to be a member of the women of UD. This scarf will certainly meet some incredible women and will have great stories to tell. I am honored to be just one of those stories.

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