Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creating Connections

I was honored to begin wearing the scarf on behalf of Group 1 this past Monday. I was able to connect with other women during the reception and while I wore the scarf. Figuring out the best way to wear the scarf also allowed me to connect with others! I received advice from Sherry in our office regarding possible ways to wear the scarf. I ended up wearing the scarf in two different ways.

I was asked by men and women how my day was going while I wore the scarf. I will share two highlights from my time wearing the scarf. My first highlight was receiving a hug from Jasmine in a sign of solidarity :); she would receive and wear a scarf a little later in the process. My second highlight relates to passing on the scarf to Sierra. It was great to pass along the scarf to Sierra and to see her wearing the scarf the next day!

I look forward to connecting with many other women between now and the closing reception! I know that the scarf will continue to work its' magic, that is, of creating connections!

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