Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Few Days of the Journey

February 14-16, 2011

My scarf and I could not have started this adventure off on a better day! As it was Valentine’s Day I had the chance to match a lovely pair of burgundy wedges, which were only worn for a few hours anyway at my internship. Throughout the day I received many compliments on the scarf and with those conversations I was able to explain the story of the scarf (or rather the beginning of it).

The scarf and I endured quite a Manic Monday. We went on a tour of Miami Valley Hospital (where I volunteer intern in the Foundation office) and worked on a grant for a few hours before heading back to campus for in-depth discussion on racial relations in the U.S. and perceptions of people from diverse backgrounds. I made a pit-stop to Mariam Hall to pick up some delicious chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate that my friend’s mother had thoughtfully prepared for me. Then, my scarf and I headed to Publication Design, where I channeled my inner graphic designer for our first major project. After that, I headed to Literary Theory, where my scarf and I entered a discussion on the concept of the essence of writing and its purpose. I was accompanied home by my scarf where I grabbed a bite to eat before heading off to work at The Emporium. My scarf and I ended our Valentine’s Day with some writing and a few more dark chocolates.

The last full day with the scarf was quite as hectic as the day before. We went to 3 classes: Contemporary Poetry, Africana Literature, and Advance Poetry Workshop. Then headed home to rest up.

On Wednesday morning (February 16), I woke up a little sad, but also quite excited. This was the day that my scarf would get passed on to Christina. We met up at The Blend in the LTC and amid the morning aroma of coffee and baked goods we discussed our experiences on campus and a little more about ourselves. This was by far the most important experience with the scarf. As the Pashmina silk blend sat on the table between us, Christina and I discovered just how much we had in common with one another. That half hour was not enough time by far to delve into everything that we could have talked about. But, it was a beginning, and that is what was so great about it. I felt a connection and shared experience was starting to grow, not only between Christina and myself, but for all of us. And that was truly an encouraging thought.

With my experience with the scarf I came to realize that this was just not my own experience to have, but rather a collective experience: A Sisterhood being created. An experience that I am so thrilled to be a part of and to have as a part of my story as a woman. This is something to be shared – and I think that is the best kind of love and joy to have – something that is shared.

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