Monday, February 21, 2011

Shared Purpose

I received the scarf from Sierra on Thursday while I was in the middle of a deadline. I did not take the time to sit down with her for a few minutes so I really only got a chance to exchange a few words. I regret that and decided to send her an email instead. In that message I talked a bit about myself and my reasons for volunteering to be part of this project. It felt good to connect...even if only over email.

My scarf day began very early -- my daughter was leaving for a trip and we had to be up by 3:45 a.m. to get her going. Clearly it is going to be a long day! I worked out with Josie, my wonderful student trainer before coming to work. Working out in the early morning is hard for me (I am so not a morning person) but I always feel good on my workout days. As I was getting dressed and wrapping the scarf around my neck I thought that today would be doubly good.

I showed the scarf off to one of my colleagues who will wear it later this month. While we were talking several people came up and complimented me on the scarf. I took the opportunity to tell them about the program and its intention. All through the day I received compliments on the scarf and shared its purpose.

Shared the end that is what the scarf represents to me. While I work in a profession that is primarily female, increasingly my interactions on campus are with men. While I respect and admire my campus colleagues, I do occasionally feel a bit like an outsider. Today I had an opportunity to feel like an insider -- part of something bigger than me. Thank you to all the other members of the sisterhood. I do hope we get a chance to come together again to share our experiences. However, whether we meet in person or not, I know I am part of the sisterhood!

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