Friday, February 25, 2011

A Scarf of Shades of Red and Gold

How can a scarf, a lone scarf, colored in colors of shades of red and golden color unite and introduce women to each other?

I am not a scarf person so how will I wear this scarf. I struggled with keeping it on the first day, for it was hard to work with it draped around my neck but I discovered it was not how you wore it but why you were wearing it which then led to an incredible experience of unity and sisterhood. This was not what I expected to come from this experience. I am not sure what I thought the scarf would do, but my life was enhanced by wearing this Sisterhood scarf.

I had the pleasure of spending time getting to know two wonderful young women, their interests, their life, their views, and both with charming smiles and attitudes. I had met these young women in passing before and noticed their strength then. I now was able to meet them through this lone scarf. These women almost 20 years younger than myself shared their lives, aspirations, views of life, and just talked about many topics. It makes a person realize how much we are the same as women no matter what our age.

This scarf of wonderful shades of red allowed a bond to be formed that can forever be found in the passing of this simple piece of cloth symbolizing unity. Adding the color of gold intensified the meaning since gold is associated with wealth and prosperity and grandeur. We are now in possession of a bond of unity, wealth, prosperity, and grandeur. We are women as one.

One of my favorite authors is Richard Paul Evans and from his book “The Locket”, I found this excerpt:

“Believe. Believe in your destiny and the star from which it shines. Believe you have been sent from God as a arrow pulled from his own bow.

“It is the single universal trait which the great of this earth have all shared.”

As women we must believe in our own destiny.

Thank you to the sisterhood for being a part of my destiny.


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