Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiration from a Scarf

The first connection I had with the scarf was actually through a conversation with my roommate. I was talking to Chrissy about how I had joined this group, this sisterhood, and she asked me what a scarf had to do with connecting women. And at first I couldn't answer her. I didn't have an answer yet, and I suppose that was the point of me getting involved in a project I normally would never take the time to consider. I'm usually a very shy person. I've always had a hard time just talking to people, introducing myself. Being me, really.

So on Wednesday I met with Amber for lunch. When she pulled the scarf out to hand to me I was already awed by it. To many onlookers it was probably an ordinary scarf, a beautiful one no doubt, but just a scarf. To me though it meant something a little more. It was a symbol of my confidence. A sense of myself for the first time reaching out of my shell. And for the rest of that wonderful lunch with Amber, a person that lived in the same building with me but I had never even met until now, I kept thinking about what tomorrow would hold for me.

And around midnight I was hurtling towards a mental meltdown. I had this huge deadline I was afraid I wouldn't make and it just seemed like more and more tasks were being piled onto my Thursday. I finally went to bed around 2 am after working since 7 pm. And when I woke up, the sun was shining and the scarf hung on my wall, waiting. So before I rushed out the door for my first class of the day I snatched the scarf and tossed it around my neck. And for a moment I forgot all the stress.

Through the day I had four classes, a work meeting, a Flyer Radio meeting, and a Phi Beta Chi rush event. Plus, it was my 11 month anniversary with my, as of this year, long distance boyfriend. My day with the scarf was possibly one of the busiest days of my college career. But for the first time since I came to Dayton in August, I felt like I could accomplish it all. And I did. The scarf gave me the confidence to keep going, no matter how tired I was, or stressed, or irritated. It was an emblem of my personal struggle within and on the outside as well. And as I sat down that night I began to think about the many other women who were taking part in this experience. All of their struggles that they had conquered and were still going through. I no longer felt alone.

Not only was I not alone. I had a sisterhood, not just defined by this scarf, but rather every woman I had ever known and will never meet. Being a woman is a sisterhood all on its own. I am a part of the sisterhood of being a woman.

So when I passed the scarf to Gina today I wasn't just passing a scarf; I was passing my experience in life, as well as Amber's. And Gina will continue this string of experiences. A circle will be created. A circle of womanhood, of sisterhood. Of love.

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  1. This is so well-written! :) You have a talent for writing, Chica. I am so proud of you for stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new, putting yourself out there, taking a risk! Your post is extremely introspective, a skill that will carry you well throughout all of life. :) If you ever need a friend who's been here a few years and has done this college thing a time or two, feel free to call on me :)
    ~ Sheila Heaton, UD junior, 630-699-0106