Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"You're Dashing"

"You're Dashing"

The glittering sun and fresh morning air glide past the curtains into my bedroom: waking my body, my mind, my soul. Someone is with me. My eyes remain closed as I breathe in the unfamiliar scent of someone. Someone, who is with me. Someone, I don't know. I open my eyes. I am alone. I lift my head, letting my eyes gaze downward to the scarf resting on my bed. I inhale the scent of the scarf. Wonder, creeping into my mind. Whose scent am I smelling? Whose scent is with me this morning? Is this the combined scent of all the women who have worn this scarf before me? Is this the scent of one woman in particular? Who is she? What is her story? How have our journeys led us both to this scarf? 

Jean opens the door to great me. Her eyes fix on the scarf wrapped around my shoulders and chest, "What a gorgeous scarf. Just gorgeous." She closes the door behind me. I plop down on the couch, sharing with her the tale of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf. We begin our usual conversation. I share with her the most intimate and recent details of my life. She listens. I sit, as a woman, sharing my life, my journey, with another woman, my body wrapped in the presence of all the women who have journeyed with this scarf before me. These women know my story. It is their story too. I am encircled by their love, engulfed by their wisdom, submerged in their strength, saturated with their beauty. 

Women, who are with me. Women, I don't know. Women. Ever-connected. Ever impacting and being impacted by one another. Through our adventure, our journey, our life, our scarf.

Love and light,
Kailey Corken

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