Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My blog entry - Ginger Stuck

Feb 23, 12
I received the scarf from Diane Hoops who brought it to my office to drop it off.  It was nice to meet her and chat a bit.  I immediately put the scarf on and began the journey.   I wore the scarf all day at work while explaining it to many of my students and faculty. Later that evening I met my daughter for dinner at Flying Pizza, where I told them the story and took a picture.   After dinner we went to have pedicures and I proudly wore the scarf and told the ladies about the story.  They took my picture with the scarf as I got my toes done.

Feb 24, 12
I was very excited to have the scarf for this day.  Not only did I wear it to work again but that evening was the UD 100th Anniversary Gala of the School of Engineering.  I was able to wear it to the event and tell many people of its purpose.  I have included a picture of my husband and me at the gala.

Feb 25, 12
I wore the scarf over the weekend with my coat to the many places I went around town.  People seem to notice the scarf as it really stands out with its beautiful colors and texture.

Feb 27, 12
I scheduled to meet Karen Slattery, next recipient of the scarf, at the Emporium in Marianist Hall at 11:30 for the hand off.  We had a great meeting and sat and talked for quite a while.  It was great meeting her and hearing what she does for UD, about her family, her accomplishments and her plans for the future.  I now have a new friend in my UD family.

The scarf experience was really good for me as I felt a part of a larger community.  It was rewarding participating with so many other people, from so many different backgrounds, for one common goal of unity. 

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