Friday, March 16, 2012

Miracles All Around Us

I am truly starting to believe in the power of miracles, and the scarf brought them to me in abundance. I first received the scarf from Emily who works in the library. Throughout our chat I found that we had so much in common, especially in terms of our love for books. As I mentioned that I’m conducting an Honors Thesis about electronic publishing, she started to talk about her experience with electronic texts and gave me some wonderful ideas for my thesis. That, along with finding out that UD actually has a rare books room with books from the 15th century, were definitely one of the many miracles of that day.

Then, after attending two classes and basking in the beautiful sunshine, the scarf and I attended the welcome luncheon for the Busy Person’s Retreat on campus. This lasts for a week and participants meet with a spiritual guide for 30 minutes and then pray individually for 30 minutes daily. To my surprise and joy, my spiritual guide happened to be the woman that passed the scarf along to me last year. Another miracle!

I end my Mondays with Concert Band, a wonderful respite after two intense language courses in a row. I have played the saxophone for 12 years, and after taking a break for six months I returned to music this semester. Unfortunately, a joint in my right hand has become inflamed because of this six month break. Usually I wear a glove to relieve the pressure of the saxophone on my hand, but I forgot my glove that day. Fortunately, the scarf was there. I wrapped the scarf around my hand to support me, and you know what? My hand has felt infinitely better since that moment. Yet another miracle.

Tuesday filled me with joy as I wore the scarf on the most beautiful sunny day the city of Dayton has seen in a long time. Students flocked to KU field, and the campus felt so alive. I ran into many friends who noticed the scarf immediately and wanted to know its story. The consensus was that the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf was a “genius idea.” I, too, believe this to be true!

On Wednesday I passed the scarf along to Shannon who was such a pleasure to meet. She works in Communications and writes for several newsletters on campus just as I do! We could relate to each other’s experience. I think the most beautiful part of the conversation was when she came back to tell me that she is 15 weeks pregnant! The sheer joy on her face was beautiful to see – Congratulations Shannon! That, too, is a miracle.

The point of my blog post is that miracles are all around us. These miracles do not have to be large and monumental. Miracles can be the little things said or done or seen that bring a sense of joy or peace to the day. This semester I started keeping what I call a “miracle journal” where at the day’s close I reflect upon the “miracle of the day.” I urge each and every one of you beautiful women to become aware of the daily miracles that surround your lives. In the midst of our busy schedules, this kind of positive thinking will bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.

Peace and Blessings to all!
Kristina DeMichele

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