Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reflections on a Traveling Scarf

My excitement built as I caught glimpses across campus and among my colleagues in the Libraries. It was as if the light shone a little brighter the moment my fellow “sister” entered the room. Smiles quickly followed along with an explanation for those around us about the scarf’s significance. I was excited to take my turn.

I regret that Christina and I had little time to chat during our handoff since I was in the middle of a meeting. We made the exchange quickly and then she was gone. The unanticipated consequence of the timing of this swap was that my colleagues in the meeting were curious about the scarf and its story was again shared with others.

I wore the scarf over a hoodie the following day as I read articles and worked on an upcoming conference presentation. It was a rare quiet day and I worried that I had let my sisters and the scarf down by not having a more eventful day.

Monday morning I hurried to the Blend to meet Kristina and hand off the scarf. We got coffee and chatted about so many things. After Kristina hurried off to class, I smiled because I knew that the scarf was in for wonderfully busy and exciting day--one very different from mine. Not better or more important, just different.

Emily Hicks
Associate Professor
Director of Information Acquisition & Organization
University Libraries

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