Friday, March 16, 2012

My scarf blog entry

The scarf goes to March Madness


President Barack Obama wasn't the only entity making a debut at the NCAA Tournament at the University of Dayton Arena.


On Wednesday, March 14, the scarf went to the First Four.


My dates with the scarf were March 14-15, perfectly timed for the second day of the First Four at UD Arena, the opening round of the men's basketball tournament. I didn't have it in my possession the day the president was there, so my dreams of having the president notice the scarf were dashed. That's okay though — I didn't get anywhere closer than about 100 yards from him the day he was present for the game, so he wouldn't have had the chance to compliment the scarf anyway! But I could dream, right?


My first great experience with the scarf happened Wednesday morning, when student Kristina DeMichele passed it to me during a quick meet-and-greet at The Blend. Although we didn't have lots of time to talk, I learned that we shared a love of the Spanish language and Spain… she was planning to travel to Madrid at some point, and I lived there for three months when I was a college student. We laughed about how it could be difficult to maintain competency in a foreign language from day to day if we're not immersed in it! I hope she gets to Madrid soon, maybe even this summer.


I then went back to my office at College Park Center, where I wore the scarf for two days. Some coworkers asked about it and I explained the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf program to them.


After that, it was time for my work at the basketball game, where I tweeted for @daymag, the Twitter account for the University of Dayton alumni magazine, and collected quotes and observations for the UDQuickly blog ( I also chatted with journalists from ESPN, the Tampa Bay Times and CBS Sports, along with the hardworking folks from our own athletics and communications departments.


Hopefully the scarf made an impression as it traveled through the Arena, and I hope it enjoyed watching the games that night!

-Shannon Shelton Miller
Assistant Director of Communications

Shannon Shelton Miller
Assistant Director of Communications
College Park Center 6th Floor

University of Dayton
Office of University Communications
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-2963

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