Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scarf blog

So, the traveling scarf and I met in Eileen Maloney's office on Monday February 27th following a delayed return flight as I completed time out of state at a conference.  I am the woman wearing the scarf in the picture that Eileen posted in her blog.  Although I was exhausted and the hand off occurred later than originally planned, Eileen shared her delightful story (included in her blog) and the scarf and I moved back to my office.  I don't remember much else of the first day—we all know how it is following time away from the office along with flight issues.  I do remember, though, wanting to appropriately display the scarf and trying to attend to my posture so that I could do 'her' justice.


On February 28th, the day of the book discussion regarding Zora Neale Hurston's "their eyes were watching god," I was trying to finish the book prior to the midday discussion, when a colleague, who had seen me in my exhausted state, but with the beautiful scarf about which she commented, came to my office and needed to talk for a few.  While my inclination was to tell her that I had work to do, it was clear that she needed a listening ear—and that was much more important at the moment than my finishing the book right then.  Wearing the scarf made me reconsider my responsibilities to a friend who was, herself, wearing a beautiful scarf that day about which I commented—spurred on by the traveling scarf.  During the powerful book discussion led by the amazing Dr. Denise James, Patty Waugh called attention to the scarf, so I was glad that I had spent a few minutes making sure that 'she' was secure and appropriately displayed for the discussion.


As my time ended with the scarf, beautiful in appearance and feel, I had the opportunity to meet and hand the scarf off to Mary Niebler, a mom of a very young daughter, who shared her plans regarding the scarf that included her daughter.  Mary and I had coffee at the Hangar at KU.  In addition to learning of Mary's UD story and her current work in the Center for Social Concern, I learned that the Hangar is open early in the morning J. The adventures with the scarf made me walk the talk of being open to the possibilities, slowing down, and reflecting; thank you.  Pam Young

Pamela Cross Young, Ph.D.
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School of Education and Allied Professions
University of Dayton
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"Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible." Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune

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