Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sisterhood of the traveling scarf - blog entry

Below is my entry for the online journal blog.  If I need to post this entry in the blogspot, please let me know.
Thank you for the experience.  This was a great event..

02-14-12:  I received the scarf from Maria. Beautiful!  The colors and design look Turkish.   I ask myself if the scarf reflects where I came from.  My background is a homogeneous community in Ohio – far away from Turkey.  I left my home town after graduating from UD to work in Cincinnati.  Living in the city and working in the market research field as well as traveling outside the U.S. helped to open my eyes to a diversity of opinions and cultural practices. 

02-15-12:  Came to work seeing the scarf draped around my chair. "Time to put me on!" the scarf seem to exclaim.  I wrap the scarf around my shoulders over my purple jacket.  The colors blend perfectly.  I think about the other sisters that have worn the scarf before me.  I do believe one single piece of clothing can break down invisible barriers that prevent forming a connection with others. 

02-16-12: Met Yaimane over lunch to give her the scarf.  This single piece of clothing did introduce me to a new person.  And, what a fantastic person to meet!  I could have talked with Yaimane the rest of the afternoon.  Thanks Traveling Scarf for opening a door to a new connection.

Patricia Meinking

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